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Shut The F*ck Up, Twilight!

STFU Twilight: A Twilight Rants Community
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All Members , Moderated
Rant about all things Twilight!
Welcome to stfu_twilight, a place for you to vent your general Twilight fandom woes! Joining means you've agreed to the rules below. Having read them, feel free to post and comment to your heart's content (whether it be beating or not), but remember: This is for ranting about Twilight fandom, not Twilight itself. We may get miffed at the fandom, but we're still Twilight fans.

The list may look daunting, but really it's all common sense!

oo1. Rant about any fanwork (fanfiction, fanart, fanvideos, fanmixes, etc.) but there are to be
no personal attacks.

oo2. For long posts, posts containing more than one image (or three icons), posts with adult content, or posts about Breaking Dawn and subsequent spoilers,
please use an LJ-cut.

oo3. As mentioned above,
this is not the place for you to rant about Twilight itself. This is a place for you to rant about the fandom. What do I mean? Well, please don't rant about Bella (there are other places for that), but go ahead and bitch about a certain writer's poor characterization of Bella. And so on and so forth.

oo4. This is not a sporking community.
You may not post quotes from a fanfic, post icons, etc. without a rant to accompany it. The same goes for links to the subject in general.

oo5. After you've posted,
please don't delete large or important points in your post (I.E. revoke your opinion). You may edit the post markedly and acknowledge any mistakes, however.

No deleting other users' comments on your post. Everyone has the right to their opinion.

Do not create your own tags. You may, however, save whomever a lot of time and label your rant with the existing tags. She would really appreciate that! If you feel a new tag should be added, just ask the mod!

Please do not advertise role-playing games or new communities without first asking the mod.

oo9. Feel free to discuss the good side of fandom!
Share recommendations, rave about your favorite authors, whatever! You may request things in moderation and start community activities!

Lighten up, man! This is a place to have fun and make friends, so get on that!


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