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I hope this constitutes as a fitting rant for the community.

Have you ever noticed how the BD lovers tend to be overzealous in their praise that turns out to be like this: ZOMG!!! OME!!1!! BRAKING DAWN iz mi favrite book1!1! She's a goddezz and theplot was perfect!1!!!1 if u dun't lyk it, ur stupid! (I can always dredge up some real ones if needed)
Granted, some of them are not that poorly spelled, but you get the point. And their reasons for liking the book don't stray much from
  1. If you were a real fan
  2. SMeyer wrote it
  3. It's in the series
And then you have the people who very well near loathed the book and its existence and generally articulate their distaste in well-constructed sentences listing key points such as
  • Bella's Mary Sue-ness
  • The whole imprinting deal
  • Renesmee
  • The lack of plot
  • The total deviation from the mindset of the previous books
  • et cetera
Has anyone else noticed this? Does it represent the intelligence levels or do we have more time to think on this and not spazz out over a wedding or poorly written sex scenes? Either way it bothers me and I wish they took the time to correct their mistakes and grow a brain.
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