Not a Rant, but a link to a Rant

Among the more serious entries in the "Jane Austen Made Me Do It" short story contest, there is a Twilight parody.

So fly the ban-sparkles flag!  Vote up anti-Twilight here:

Contrary to what Twilighters would have you believe, there are many, many ways in which Twilight is NOTHING like Jane Austen, or Shakespeare, or anything good.
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Let's teach those Twi-Hards a lesson!

Hello everyone! :)

So has this "Sexiest Beast" poll going on at their website, and it has been a very interesting game to play so far. 
At one side we have the TV beasts/vampires/werewolves and on the other side we have those from movies. 

This is now the FINAL ROUND of the poll, and it has come to down to Damon Salvatore / Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries and Edward Cullen / Robert Pattinson from Twilight. 

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new scenes, new stills, new wktrjnknsdf

it was cool at first to see new pictures and the new trailer, but when the new pictures started to include the movie companion and new scenes and everything, i started to feel like i was seeing the whole movie already ;(

maybe it's just cause i go to places where they always post new movie spoilers 'scenes' or 'tv-spots'. but i don't know, i'll probably still be as excited when i see the movie, but i can hella picture the whole theater going 'ZOMG!! i saw this!!! edward's gonna...!!!!!'.

and sometimes i wish people would come the eff down, too.
I hear you.
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The Dream Team- not dreamy, so STFU!

I have no freaking patience with the Gaspard Ulliel/Emily Browning crew. None. Specifically the folks who make vids, graphics, etc. featuring their OTP. And that they label them "Edward and Bella" and "Gaspard and Emily" interchangeably.

All the "RPATTZ AND KSTEW AREN'T MY E/B" is annoying as hale. I really don't care that you like them or that they are your "OTP" or your ideal. The movie has been cast, shot, and is going to be in theaters in about a month. Your cries of distress have been duly ignored and I'm tired of your whining in your corners and comms. Hell, you're lucky this movie even got MADE, so shut. up.

Besides which, Ulliel is frickin' creepy and Browning is too much pixie cuteness. XP