Ananke (aeteananke) wrote in stfu_twilight,

I use this comm to rant entirely too much...

What is it with the whining about the damned bruises?

First people were moaning because they just *knew* Stephanie would skip out on writing a sex scene altogether.

Now people are bitching because Stephanie wrote (well, hinted at) at vampire on human sex and...egads...made it realistic.

Wait, scratch that, because she actually held back on that.

You climb into bed with a guy made of stone who's natural strength and body speed are levels above your own and see if you come out in the morning broken into less than a dozen pieces. Bruises? She got lucky! If anything, I feel more sorry for Edward. He was the one nagged into a frenzy to do the dirty deed regardless of how dangerous they both knew it would be *and* left to stare at his damage long after Little Miss Demanding was zonked out in bliss.

But wait...maybe it wasn't the bruises that riled people, maybe it was the bliss. How dare Stephanie imply that some girls actually don't mind rough play. How evil! More evil than blood-sucking pedophilic vampires! Evil, I say!

You can't have it both ways, kiddos. Either there could be no consummation until both were on equal footing or Bella came out a little battered. Otherwise, it would have resembled badfic more than it already did.

I know it's supposed to be an anti-abuse thing, but honestly, I don't care. I'm sick of people turning every little aspect of the books into a moral debate. It kinda sucks the fun out of reading at all. Pun intended.

Sorry. I feel better now, though!
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